Introduction to CodSP
Codification Support Publications (CodSPs) are issued by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) on behalf of the Group of National Directors on Codification, AC/135.
CodSPs are divided into two separate sections (Technical & Organisational) among those CodSP-Technical is again divided into four sub-sections:
CodSP Technical (CodSP-1 to CodSP-99) :
  CodSP-01 to CodSP-20 - International Contacts
  CodSP-21 to CodSP-40 - TELECOM & ADP related issues
  CodSP-41 to CodSP-70 - NCSCR related issues
  CodSP-71 to CodSP-99 - MISCELLANEOUS issues
CodSP Organisational (CodSP-100 series in PDF format):
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CodSPs are intended for streamlining international collaboration within the NATO Codification System (NCS). They provide for quick and comprehensive ad hoc information which, for technical reasons, is not included in the ACodP-1.
Tables, grids and summaries included in the individual CodSPs allow for detailed follow-up progress on ongoing developments undertaken within the NCS.
CodSPs are updated in accordance with information received from countries or NATO Agencies and on the basis of decisions taken by AC/135 Main Group, Panels, Task and Working Groups. CodSPs are published every month through NABS.
Contributions for updating shall be addressed to:
NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
General & Cooperative Services Programme (LB)
Codification Support Section (LB-LC)

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