CodSP-74: Price List for AC/135 Tier1 Sponsorship Services

Administration and Documentation costs : see NOTE 1
  1. Allocation of codes to a National Codification Bureau (NCB):

    • NCB Code
    • NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) prefix/suffix
    • Major Organizational Entity (MOE) Code
    • Communication Routing Identifier (COMM RI)

  2. Processing of national data for inclusion into the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL)

  3. AC/135 Documents and Publications

    • AC135 documentation and publications are provided through the NATO Automated Business System (NABS). Each sponsored country is provided with one online access to NABS. Additional access to NABS is subject to billing as per NABS fee.


Technical Support : see NOTE 2
  1. Telecommunication Capabilities: 
  • NATO MailBox System (NMBS) initial installation and training
4000 EUR
  • NMBS annual subscription, training, seminar and helpdesk assistance
7000 EUR
  • NABS annual subscription (additional user)
1000 EUR
  1. Bi-monthly provision of the consolidated NATO NCAGE (KHN) file 
500 EUR
  1. Subscriptions (NMCRL, Raw data, Web services, NADB, U.S. Pub Log): 
  • WEB access 1 single user
860 EUR
  • WEB access 1-5 concurrent users
1750 EUR
  • WEB access 1-20 concurrent users
3390 EUR
  • WEB access 1-100 concurrent users
10210 EUR
  • OFFLINE single stand-alone version
1000 EUR
  • OFFLINE network version 1-5 users
1980 EUR
  • OFFLINE network version 1-20 users
3950 EUR
  • PACK single user
1130 EUR
  • PACK 1-5 concurrent users
2250 EUR
  • PACK 1-20 concurrent users
4410 EUR
  • NMCRL RAW DATA annual subscription (governmental entities, only)
3390 EUR
  • WEB SERVICES annual subscription (governmental entities, only)
3390 EUR
**** EUR
  • U.S. PUB LOG (includes the U.S. H-series, FLIS Data, Characteristics Data, DEMIL, MCRD, MDI&S, and FLIS Procedures Manual) on DVD
    >>online ordering information
*** US $

NOTE : Prices for Service charges, NMCRL and U.S. PUB LOG are updated annually.


NOTE 1 :
Administration and documentation: (Annual mandatory charge):
  • The minimum amount for sponsorship fees is 2500 EUR in accordance with the real costs of the provided services.
  • Tier 2 sponsored countries are invoiced in line with the cost sharing key of administration contributions specified in the annual budget of AC135.
  • The Communication Routing Identifier (COMM RI) is assigned upon installation of NMBS.
  • AC/135 Documents are provided every six months in electronic format.

NOTE 2 :
Technical Support: (Annual charge depending on selected services):
  • NMBS handles all codification transactions between the National Codification Bureaux.
  • NABS handles all agendas, national statements, publications, PoC details, meeting calendar and documents for the AC/135 meetings.
  • The telecommunication charges include operation of the NMBS as well as the provision of certain software and documentation, but it does not include travel if required
  • The consolidated NATO NCAGE file is available to sponsored nations on a bi-monthly basis. It is produced by NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) and distributed on DVD. The fee is charged annually and covers all distributions for a year.
  • Subscription to the U.S. H-series can be arranged directly with the U.S. NCB. If it is more convenient for the sponsored country, NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) can process such a request.