CodSP-73: NMCRL Production (OFFLINE & WEB)



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  • The NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL-OFFLINE alias NMCRL-DVD and NMCRL-WEB alias NMCRL plus) are the basic applications designed to determine whether an item of supply is already codified within NATO and to retrieve related Identification -, Reference - and Manufacturers data.
  • NMCRL-WEB is an interactive codification screening application based on WWW technology with same features/data as on NMCRL-OFFLINE product

    + display of items' CHARACTERISTICS DATA in coded and decoded format & drawings;
    + display of items' CUSTOM CODES (Harmonized System 'HS' & Schedule B Numbers);
    + display of items' CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) Codes;
    + display of items' PACKAGING DATA;
    + display of items' IMAGES for References and/or NIIN.
  • <ITEM OF SUPPLY> : Search on all codification data codes/names cross-related to the Item of Supply (NSN)

  • <CHARACTERISTICS> : Item of Supply identification using Technical Characteristics Data »NMCRL-WEB application, only

  • <NCAGE> : Search on complete Manufacturer and Vendor data (addresses and related codes)

  • <BATCH> : Automatic extraction of grouped codification data from a predefined list of data

Note: NMCRL-WEB also features BASIC and ADVANCED inquiry modes. The Basic mode is for non-experts and mostly displays plain text instead of NCS codes.

As a tool for screening it is important that both NMCRL-OFFLINE and NMCRL-WEB contain as much codification data as possible providing that this data follows the codification rules stipulated in ACodP-1. All NATO and Tier 2 countries are entitled to have their codification data included. Tier 1 countries can have their codification data included in both NMCRL products provided they can produce these data as detailed in ACodP-1 and follow the same rules as the NATO and Tier 2 countries for provision of the data. A Tier 1 country must request incorporation of its data from NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

NMCRL-OFFLINE and NMCRL-WEB contain the following data:
  • Segment A
  • Segment B
  • Segment C
  • Segment V  »NMCRL-WEB application, only
  • Segment W »NMCRL-WEB application, only
  • Segment K
  • Segment 8
  • Multilingual ACodP-2/3 data
  • Custom Codes (Harmonized System 'HS' & Schedule B Numbers)
    »NMCRL-WEB application, only
  • CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes
    »NMCRL-WEB application, only
Note: IMAGES (NMCRL-WEB application, only) will be uploaded either by NCBs (associated to References or to NIIN) or by Companies (associated to their own Reference only).

Each NCB is responsible to provide the following data of its national inventory to NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), either:
- as total file replacements or
- as maintenance input

a) Total Item Record (TIR) data:
  • in KFF-format, refer to CodSP-73B
    - Segments A, B, C, V and W and
    - Segment K for cancelled NSNs
b) System Support Record (SSR) data:
  • in KHN-format, refer to CodSP-73C
    - Segment 8

    Note: NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is responsible to provide Segment 8 in KHN-format for all I and S coded NCAGEs.
  • H2/H6 data, refer to CodSP-75

    Note: The H2/H6 data which is furnished to NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for the production of the Multi-lingual ACodP-2/3 online application is also automatically integrated into both NMCRL-OFFLINE and NMCRL-WEB applications.
  • Decoding data (MRD/DB2 tables), refer to CodSP-73E
Full file overlay data (KFF/KHN) shall be submitted in line with CodSP-73J or on request.

  • NMCRL-OFFLINE product is updated and distributed on a bi-monthly basis.
    See CodSP-73A for the yearly Production Cycle.
  • NMCRL-WEB online application is updated on a daily basis.