CodSP-52: Implementation Plan for using the new format of the NAME data
(one single field NAM) in the KHN

 deleted: PA132-47 decision (10/2018)

Country / Agency Projected or Actual Date
of Implementation
ALBANIA implemented  
ARGENTINA Implemented  
AUSTRALIA Implemented  
AUSTRIA Implemented  
BELGIUM Implemented  
BRAZIL Implemented  
BULGARIA Implemented  
CANADA Implemented  
CROATIA Implemented  
CZECH REPUBLIC Implemented  
DENMARK Implemented  
ESTONIA Implemented  
FINLAND Implemented  
FRANCE Implemented  
GERMANY Implemented  
GREECE Implemented  
HUNGARY Q2/2008 pending on software
ISRAEL Implemented  
ITALY Implemented  
KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Implemented  
LATVIA Implemented  
LITHUANIA Implemented  
MALAYSIA Implemented  
MONTENEGRO Implemented  
MOROCCO Implemented  
NSPA Implemented  
NETHERLANDS Implemented  
NEW ZEALAND Implemented  
NORWAY Implemented  
POLAND Implemented  
PORTUGAL Implemented  
ROMANIA Implemented  
SERBIA Implemented  
SINGAPORE Implemented  
SLOVAKIA Implemented  
SLOVENIA Implemented  
SPAIN Implemented  
SWEDEN Implemented  
TURKEY Implemented  
UNITED KINGDOM Implemented  
UNITED STATES Implemented