CodSP-45A: Implementation of Segment H for the Exchange of Management Data

Country/Agency Projected or Actual Date
of Implementation
Receive Send
ARGENTINA implemented Not yet envisaged Implementation not
envisaged for sending
AUSTRALIA implemented - Implementation not
envisaged for sending
AUSTRIA implemented -  
BELGIUM implemented Not yet envisaged  
BRAZIL implemented Not yet envisaged
BULGARIA - - Implementation
not envisaged
CANADA - - No usage intended
CROATIA - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
CZECH REPUBLIC implemented implemented  
DENMARK see Remark see Remark Not before other NATO
countries request a
bilateral agreement
with Denmark
ESTONIA - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
FINLAND - - Usage
not envisaged
FRANCE - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
GERMANY - - Not yet envisaged
(for send and receive)
GREECE implemented -  
HUNGARY - - Implementation
not envisaged
ISRAEL implemented -  
ITALY implemented implemented for internal use only
KOREA, REPUBLIC OF implemented Not yet envisaged  
LATVIA - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
LITHUANIA - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
MALAYSIA - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
MONTENEGRO - - Implementation
not envisaged
MOROCCO implemented -  
NETHERLANDS implemented -  
NEW ZEALAND - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
NORWAY - - No usage intended
POLAND implemented Not yet envisaged  
PORTUGAL implemented implemented see CodSP-45B
ROMANIA - - No usage intended
SERBIA - - Implementation
not envisaged
SINGAPORE - - Implementation
not envisaged
SLOVAKIA implemented implemented  
SLOVENIA implemented -  
SPAIN implemented implemented Management Data
generated and used
by Spanish Navy
SWEDEN implemented - Implementation not
envisaged for sending
TURKEY implemented -  
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - - Implementation
not yet envisaged
UNITED KINGDOM Not before 2011 Not before 2011 Projected date
UNITED STATES implemented implemented  
NSPA implemented N/A