CodSP Applicability Table

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Table to outline which nations / agency are concerned by the control and provision of information included in the various CodSP tables (subject to verification)

CodSP # NATO Tier2 Tier1 Other Responsible
CodSP-1 Country
CodSP-2A     NSPA
CodSP-2B         Country
CodSP-4     Country
CodSP-5     Country
CodSP-6     Country
CodSP-21A     Country
CodSP-21B     Country
CodSP-21C     Country
CodSP-21D     Country
CodSP-22     Country
CodSP-23   NSPA
CodSP-24deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-25     Country
CodSP-26     Country
CodSP-41deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-42     Country
CodSP-43deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-44deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-45A     Country
CodSP-45B     Country
CodSP-46deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-47deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-48     Country
CodSP-49deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-50deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-51deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-52deleted 09/2013   Country
CodSP-53     Country
CodSP-54     Country
CodSP-55     Country
CodSP-56     Country
CodSP-57deleted 09/2013     Country
CodSP-58     Country
CodSP-59     Country
CodSP-60     Country
CodSP-61     Country
CodSP-71     Country
CodSP-72     NSPA + Country
CodSP-73   NSPA
CodSP-73A   NSPA
CodSP-73B   Country
CodSP-73C1     Country
CodSP-73C2   NSPA
CodSP-73D   Country
CodSP-73E   Country
CodSP-73F   NSPA
CodSP-73G   NSPA
CodSP-73H     NSPA
CodSP-74     NSPA
CodSP-75   NSPA
CodSP-75A   NSPA
CodSP-75B   NSPA
CodSP-75C   Country
CodSP-75D   Country
CodSP-76A     GBR
CodSP-76B     Country
CodSP-77cancelled MG 108 (11/2015)     Country
CodSP-78     Country
CodSP-79         NSPA
CodSP-80     Country
CodSP-81     Country
CodSP-82     Country
CodSP-83     Country
CodSP-84     Country

= Cancelled CodSP Table